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WHY WE GO... MOMS Ministry

Posted by Katy Sejcek on with 3 Comments

WHY WE GO... MOMS Ministry

Do you ever feel like you are trying to catch your breath, find your bearings, right yourself in the midst of a spin cycle? All of your responsibilities, relationships, hopes and expectations just whirling around and around? I’m not going to lie, more often than not I find myself in the whirlwind of parenting and life with three young boys, a husband, a dog, eleven fish and a whole lot of anxiety.

As the Bethany school year approaches, the speed of my spinning has crescendo-ed, making every desire, thought, and vital life activity very difficult to prioritize.  I found myself at Target the other day with all three boys attempting to focus on school shopping. Attempt being the operative word here. The trip to our favorite “everything” store felt entirely frivolous but simultaneously completely necessary.  Obviously the result of walking into Target in a mental fog was a handful of things on our list, a large quantity of things that were not, and an enormous headache. Target doesn’t carry Scotchguard by the way…

It is extremely important to know your lifelines when things feel out of control. The Word of God is my foundation that cannot be shaken and through it, His Son and Holy Spirit provide the handholds to slow the spinning of life.

I trust Him. I need Him. I cannot live without Him. 

God has also provided a lifeline in the form of community. Prior to children, I arrogantly believed that I was a lifeline from God to others and I did not need much in return.

FALSE. Sooooooo false. So terribly, painfully false.

I am entirely grateful and in awe of the work the Lord does at Bethany through our MOMS (Making Our Mothering Significant) ministry. MOMS was and is a lifeline for me.  After my second kiddo was born, I resisted the personal urge to hide behind the safety of the four walls of my home and ventured out to a Thursday MOMS meeting. 

Thank you Holy Spirit for YOUR relentless urging. 

I was welcomed by so many women who were facing the joys, triumphs, and frustrations of parenting little humans just like me. I felt safe to share and be vulnerable. I was encouraged that I was/am not the only one going through the tough days, regretful moments, and learning the art of forgiving and communicating with my kids (AND husband!)

I joined the leadership team 2 years ago as a table leader and I have witnessed the work of the Holy Spirit and felt His movement in and amongst the moms that are drawn to this ministry from our community. Every year has its challenges and it’s not easy to facilitate discussion with 8+ personalities, varying in religious and emotional backgrounds.

But one thing is VERY clear: the Lord moves at MOMS. This past year in particular, many ladies expressed that MOMS is THEIR lifeline outside their homes. It is the place that they feel safe and loved and encouraged, and they look forward to our Thursdays mornings together…rain or shine.

Final thought, life is so, soooooooo messy sometimes. In the midst of the messy and spinning that is life, it can feel so lonely. It is unbelievably reassuring to remember that Jesus lived a human life. I don't know whether His thoughts were always clear, but I do know that he experienced the intensity of life just as we do.

I was talking with my boys the other morning about the relationships/friendships that Jesus had and what those must have been like. What it looks like to have empathy and sympathy and we eventually got to Lazurus' death.

"Jesus wept." John 11:35. 

He wept because He looked around him and saw the sorrow, felt the sorrow and sadness of the people around him.  He was not a robot who plowed through a perfect life. But a perfect God who walked the human path sinlessly to save us. I find the Lord's tears quite consoling. And THAT is why MOMS exists. We are walking the path of motherhood together, experiencing the intensity of life in an environment that honors our King.


The 2019-20 season of MOMS at Bethany begins on September 12. 

If you are a mom of a little one and want to register today, click here

If you want to know more about MOMS ministry, check out our website at bethanylb.org/moms

If you are interested in joining the MOMS volunteer team, email us at 

For more information about Bethany School, visit bethany-school.org or email .

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Dottie September 4, 2019 9:45am

Katy.....your words express the hearts of many and encourages others to join the Mom mob to enter safe community.

Angie September 4, 2019 10:05am

Love you Katy!

Debbie September 9, 2019 7:20am

The truth of Katy’s words brought tears to my eyes as I thought of my own child raising years. How I wished I could have been involved with a group of women like we experience at MOMS.