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Final Updates from the Honduras Team

07.12.19 | Mission Updates

Final Updates from the Honduras Team

    The team has been in a remote village and just got back to wifi to send updates. Here are three day's worth to catch up on as we await their return tonight!

    Honduras Trip Travelogue


    By Carley Laliberte

    Today was an amazing day! We have been staying in a hotel in the mountains of a village called Tintel. Paul and Tania, our missionaries, brought several of the girls that came to know Christ in April, when Robin Feary and I spoke in the school,to stay with us in the hotel and help us serve the people of Tintel. Having the girls and other people from their ministry with us during this time has made the trip so much fun. Matt and Zach are having fun goofing around with the high school boys and the rest of us love watching them. It is amazing to build such strong relationships with people in a different place in the world.

    We started our day by heading to the houses where we would spend the majority of the day building the ovens. While everyone got into the van, I FINALLY got to ride on a motorcycle with Paul.

    The teams broke off into groups and went to different houses to construct the ovens. While I was building the base of the ovens, I was reminded of the need for a firm foundation for our lives in order to build open it. As I worked, I prayed that these families would come to know Jesus as their firm foundation.

    The group that Tim was in was actually able to lead a husband and wife to know Christ while constructing the ovens. This brought so much joy to everyone!

    After we finished working on the ovens, the majority of us worked at VBS. We almost doubled in size today because the kids told their friends. We are hoping to have even more kids tomorrow. Melinda and Naomi stayed with Tanya and did the Baking class. We were able to gift them some baking supplies which they loved. 

    The biggest thing God has shown me so far on this trip is that despite the small details, He is at work. I think as being one of the leaders of the team, I have the highest expectation of what I think things should look like when we do them. However, God’s ideas are so much bigger then mine. He is at work even if a craft doesn’t turn out as expected. He is at work when we aren’t prepared for something. He is at work regardless. I have loved seeing God work by bringing the Honduran team and the Bethany team together has one body despite the language differences. We have made friends here that we will never forget. I have loved seeing him work in other people,like Matt who was nervous about sharing his testimony of growing up in the church and difficulties that come along with it, and it actually touching so many people. I could go on forever but I have loved seeing God move here in Honduras. I’m so excited that I’m staying for a few extra weeks! 

    Prayer requests:

    • The ovens aren’t finished, but that is actually a good thing because that means that the Steers get to come back and help them. This gives them a way into their homes to tell them more about Jesus 
    • Energy! We are not sleeping much. I honestly don’t think Hondurans sleep here. However, we are having fun! 
    • Safety for my time here without the team. 

    Honduras Trip Travelogue


    By Zach Wagoner

    Today was a bittersweet day. We started out by waking up and having breakfast at 7:50. For breakfast, we ate eggs, beans, plantains, and tortillas. Then we set out for the day.

    My group of 3 went to a house and constructed a large adobe slab out of adobe bricks and mud. After that, we went to another house to work on making the oven. We did a lot, but had to go to lunch at 12:15. We ate macaroni, chicken, broccoli, and tortillas with blackberry juice. After lunch, we returned to the house to work on the oven. We worked on the ovens until 3:30 and our group almost finished.

    Next, we went to VBS. Over 200 kids showed up. There were 4 stations. One station was the story of Jesus and Jairus's daughter, the second was a relay game, the third was snack, and the 4th was craft. For the craft, we printed out pictures we previously took of each kid and put it into a frame that says “Jesus loves me”. It was super cool to see the faces of the little ones light up as they now had a picture of themselves to keep.

    After VBS, we went to the hotel for dinner. We ate papusas. After dinner, we had a meeting. Since we weren’t going to be seeing the Honduran team tomorrow night, tonight was a time to say goodbye and encourage others. It was super cool to hear multiple people say that it feels like we are all family. I totally agree. To me, this group perfectly exemplifies what it means to be a family in Christ. Also, many Catrachos shared very personal things about how their lives have changed after coming into contact with Paul and Tanya Steer. It’s very encouraging to see how big of a difference two people can make when they surrender all they have to God. Finally, we gathered in a tight circle around the people of Honduras and prayed over them. I am very sad that tomorrow is the last day we are going to be in Honduras, but this trip has given my life a new perspective and has blessed me more than I ever thought it could. 

    Honduras Trip Travelogue


    By Allen Weingartner 

    Today is my day to write the daily update for the whole group. We have spent three days making ovens and running a vacation Bible school in Tentel a rural mountainous area outside of Comayagua, but today was a chance to rest and relax with the group. Although the first part of "resting" was a fairly long, but definitely difficult hike to a waterfall higher up the mountain from Tentel.

    It was a beautiful refreshing waterfall that was well-worth the hike. Even though it seems like a day off after some hard work, it was also spiritually rewarding. There are always chances to encourage someone, help someone down the trail, or just get to know each other. 

    There are nine of us from Bethany, 2 from Colorado, and about 18 from Comayagua. It is amazing to work hand in hand. It gives me special joy to know that this is not something we invented and thought we would go to some foreign country to do, but we were invited to join Paul and Tanya to fulfill their vision. It reminds that "the fields are ripe for the harvest, but the workers are few." Well, they are just starting out, so why not have some friends from California come down and help out? I see more and more God working in an orchestrated way that amazes.


    Added by Carley....

    We went to the wedding last night. It was an amazing time. It always so special to see two people become one and choose to glorify God with their lives. We sang  songs and enjoyed sheep, goat, and cake. We truly felt like family at this wedding even though we didn't know the couple. 

    During the hike to the waterfall, we had the privilege to see our very own Joseph get baptized. After, one of the Honduran boys form the Steers church got baptized. After both were baptized Paul asked if anyone else wanted to get baptized. Then Xandra, a girl who has become part of our team, decided to get baptized. There were many happy tears. It is truly amazing to watch people declare that Jesus as Lord and savor. For the first time it really hit me the symbolism of baptism; when we are submerged it represent how we were dead before and because of Christ we are washed completely clean into a new life with him. It was a moving time and a moment we will never forget.