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Romans 6:1-14

04.28.19 | Romans | by Jeff Levine

Romans 6:1-14

Romans 6:1-14

Week 16 - Romans Series

Sermon-based Growth Group Questions

Introductory Discussion:

What was “the takeaway” (the most important point) from Sunday’s sermon and/or the sermon text, in your opinion?

What insight from Sunday’s sermon did you find most helpful, or eye-opening, or troubling (pick any or all of the above)?

Read Romans 6:1-14



  1. From 3:8 and 6:1, how are some people misusing Paul’s emphasis on God’s grace (5:20-21)? What do they hear Paul saying? 
  1. How would you paraphrase Paul’s brief answer in verse 2? The idea of death is mentioned 15 times in this section: How does Christ’s death and resurrection tie into our relationship with sin? 
  1. What actions does Paul call us to perform in verses 11-13? How doe these relate to his general statement in verse 3? What motivation does he give us for doing so (v.13)? 
  1. How have you experienced Christ’s death and resurrection in your life? 
  1. What do you do when you experience temptation? 
  1. From verses 11-13 what specifically do you need to do this week to count yourself dead to sin but alive to God in Christ? 
  1. As you struggle with sin, what from this passage gives you hope? 

Prayer: Take time to pray together as a group.