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Study for Romans 1:8-15

01.12.19 | by Jeff Levine

Study for Romans 1:8-15

Week 2: Sermon-Based Growth Group Questions for Romans 1:8-15

Week 2 - Romans Series

January 13, 2019 - Sermon-based Growth Group Questions

Introductory Discussion:

What was “the takeaway” (the most important point) from Sunday’s sermon and/or the sermon text, in your opinion?

What insight from Sunday’s sermon did you find most helpful, or eye-opening, or troubling (pick any or all of the above)?

Read Romans 1:8-15



  1. What special friends do you pray for often? What has made them so close to you?


  1. How would you feel if you received this letter as you read verses 8-13?


  1. How might Paul write verse 14 if he were addressing people in your community?


  1. What excites Paul about the gospel?


  1. How “mutually encouraged” are you by your church or growth group?


  1. Who are the people in your world toward whom you sense an obligation to reach for Christ? How is this reflected in your prayers and actions?


  1. In what specific ways are you seeking to “establish” believers in their faith (Romans 1:11-12)? Who have you spiritually encouraged recently? How can you help those in my sphere of influence grow to maturity in Christ?


  1. Are you intentionally pursuing “fruit” in the lives of those at Bethany? (Romans 1:13)? Do you yearn to see your church become spiritually fruitful? Have you wholeheartedly bought into the vision of Bethany? If so, how does your sense of owning the vision impact others within the body?


  1. How can the concept of being a debtor to lost people help you share the gospel more often (Romans 1:14-15)? When do you feel most passionate about lost souls? What generally stirs your heart? How can you increase your burden for those whom have yet to believe in Christ?


  1. Do you regularly pray for your church (Romans 1:9-10)? If so, how do you go about this? What prayer practices have proven helpful? What one step can you take this week that will enable you to pray more effectively?

Prayer: Take time to pray together as a group.