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  • Sunday: 9 & 10:45 am


Several times a year our regular Sunday classes pause to allow the entire church to attend an elective designed to help along the path of a disciple—to CONNECT, GROW, and GO.

There are 2 electives offered each hour, 9 and 10:45 am, so you can attend the service of your choice and pick a class that piques your interest all in one Sunday.

Genres of Biblical Literature
Taught by: Deacon Allen Weingartner
Time: 9 am  |  Room D 107/108 

Over the course of this elective we will be exploring four different genres of biblical literature. Reading the texts of Scripture you quickly realize that different parts of the Bible read differently. Some of it is poetry, other parts are historical narratives, and still others applying different styles of literature common to that period of history. Join us for this elective as we discover how to read and interpret the different genres of biblical literature. 


Growing Deep In Christ
Taught by: Dr. Brent Strawsburg
Time: 9 and 10:45 am  |  Room D 101/102

This elective is designed to help us grow deeper in our faith and knowledge of the greatest person who ever lived—Jesus of Nazareth. It will lay a practical foundation to better understand and apply the Biblical truths regarding the person and work of Jesus Christ. It will also answer tough questions that our non-Christian friends struggle to understand. It will be an exciting elective that combines Doctrine (What Do I Believe?) with Apologetics (Why Do I Believe?).


Gifted To Be A Gift
Taught by: Pastor Bill Cook
Time: 10:45 am  |  Room D 107/108

This class will explore the spiritual gifts God has given to His body, the Church. Each of us has been gifted for the building up and edification of the church. Our desire is that everyone would know their gifts and exercise them here at Bethany. During this course you will have the opportunity to take a spiritual gifts test to discover more about your gifting and how you can better serve the body of Christ.