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Being a junior higher in today’s world is tough. Not only do you have the pressures of school to deal with but now sports, social status, the opposite sex, drugs, social media and many other things start to vie for their attention. In the midst of all this, The HERD seeks to be a place where junior highers can be junior highers, and do so in a place that is safe & welcoming; and help junior high students make sense of the world and see how vitally important God is in their lives.

Our main goals are to be relational, authentic, to put God first and to have fun doing so. We do this through Sunday mornings, Wednesday nights, and various events throughout the year.  We also have some of the best, most dedicated volunteer adult staff that spend hours caring for the junior high students and helping make The HERD one of the best places on the planet!

The Herd Junior High Ministry exists for students in 6th-8th grades.

SUNDAY MORNINGS - 9:00 - 10:15 am

The purpose of our Sunday mornings is to meet as a life stage group for worship and bible study. Our goal for this time is to give students a casual environment to explore God’s Word, becoming authentic, life-long followers of Christ who live out their faith in the context of their campus community, and naturally invite others to follow Christ with them.

WEDNESDAY NIGHTS - 7:00 - 9:00 pm

The purpose of meeting on the Wednesday nights is to meet as a large group for games, worship, bible study and small groups. Our goal for this time is to give students a night as one community. We start by having fun together through games, worshipping together and move into a time of learning from the Scriptures and living life together in small groups.


The purpose of our Growth Groups are to equip each student for lifelong discipleship. Each Wednesday night we meet as an entire junior high group for a time of games, worship, announcements and small group intro. From there, we break up into our Growth Groups for about an hour in different rooms around the church.

Growth Groups are for junior high students which are led by caring adults who want to encourage students in their growing relationship with God. In Growth Groups students will meet with students in the same gender and grade.  Students will spend time sharing life, laughing, being encouraged, and digging into God’s Truth. Growth Groups are a safe place to build friendships that will last and be encouraged. Most importantly it provides a place for small group leaders and the other students to come together and focus on Christ and His work in each of our lives.

Growth Groups are something that every junior high student should be a part of. It can make a huge difference in their overall junior high experience.

To see a list of our Growth Group Leaders click here.


Throughout the year we have various events that take place from camps, to all-nighters, to small groups out, and more.  You can find out more information on the upcoming events by going to the Events Page.



If you would like to look at what is coming up on our HERD Calendar click the link below.



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