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The HERD Staff

6th Grade Guys

Sam Newnes
Interesting Fact: "I did improv for 2 years in high school!"

Jeff Mills
Interesting Fact: "I have lived overseas for more than 70 weeks in 9 different countries!"


6th Grade Girls

Amber Post
Interesting Fact: "I love people, the beach, and tacos!"

Elizabeth Keller


7th Grade Guys

Tim Reagan

Sean Bath


7th Grade Girls

Carolyn Keller
Interesting Fact: "I got to ride my bike on the 105 freeway before it opened!"

Ruth Brydon


8th Grade Guys

Jacob Keller
Interesting Fact: "I love fishing, especially shark, halibut, and salmon!"

Brian Nyberg
Interesting Fact: "I gave up watching videos and listening to music for a year!"


8th Grade Girls

Jamie Bell
Interesting Fact: "I've been a teacher for 30 years!"

Sara Mills
Interesting Fact: "I taught kindergarten in the same classroom I attended kindergarten in as a child!"