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 Professor Birthday Series!

Help Professor Birthday wish these Bethany Kids a Happy September Birthday!

Week of November 1

Week of November 8

Week of November 22


Creation Series by Grade Level

Click each of the pictures to see a lesson by your grade level's teachers. 




Philippians Series: Kidsized!

Click on the dates below to watch the Kidsized episode from that week. 

November 15 Ainsley gets a lesson on contentment from Mrs. Jane & Mrs. Ernestine.

November 8 Kate learns to pray rather than freak out in Mrs. Jane's favorite chapter in Philippians. 

November 1  Katelyn is disappointed but Mrs. Ernestine & Mrs. Jane give her a lesson from Philippians.  

October 25 Miles gives Mrs. Ernestine & Mrs. Jane a lesson on not complaining. 

October 18  On Sunday, Mrs. Ernestine & Mrs. Jane helped Katy see how she is following in the footsteps of her family of faith. 

October 11 On Sunday, Mrs. Ernestine & Mrs. Jane helped Katelyn see how Philippians might apply to her relationship with her sister.

October 4 On Sunday, Mrs. Ernestine & Mrs. Jane helped Kate who was feeling a bit locked up lately. They explain how Paul was in a similar situation in the book of Philippians. 

September 27 On Sunday, Mrs. Ernestine & Mrs. Jane helped Katie "write on" while giving her some FAQs about Philippians.

September 20 Mrs. Jane & Mrs. Ernestine give Miles some pointers on prayer. He is one sharp student! Check it out!

September 13  Mrs. Jane & Mrs. Ernestine start a new series in the book of Philippians and they answer Katelyn's question about faith. Check it out!  

Malachi Series: Kidsized!

Click on the dates below to watch the Kidsized episode from that week. 

September 6  Mrs. Jane & Mrs. Ernestine take one last look at the book of Malchai, er, Malachee, or is it Molokai? Watch this episode of Kidsizing Malachai from September 6.

August 30: Watch this week's episode to see how Mrs. Jane's concern about her money has a connection to what's going on in Malachi.

August 23  Mrs. Jane and Mrs. Ernestine share some examples from Malachi about how much God loves us!

August 9  Mrs.Ernestine and Mrs. Jane continue Malachi's story.  In this episode, they look at some of the surprising consequences of disobeying God. Watch to find out more.  

August 2  Mrs. Ernestine and Mrs. Jane share more about the story of Malachi. His job was to go to the people to tell them that God still loved them. But he found out that the people, who God loved so much, weren't giving God their best gifts. Watch to find out more about what happens. 

July 26 Mrs. Jane and Mrs. Ernestine give a preview to the Book of Malachi... wait, how do you say that?!? Watch to find out!