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Mission Trip Updates

Kenya 2018 Update

Posted by Tim Springer on with 2 Comments

January 19, 2018

The Kenya Team arrived safely home on Friday.  Read below for the final update and announcement of the Village that was chosen. 


January 17, 2018

Hello everyone,

We are in the Nairobi airport waiting to board our plane. It’s 10:20 pm here on Thursday night. We’ll arrive in LA at 1:00 pm on Friday, but not before spending about 20 hours in the air. We have one stop in Frankfurt on the way home. 

 We had a great trip! We picked Nkoisusu as our village to adopt. Nkoisusu is west and a little south of Nairobi, almost to the Tanzania border. It’s one of the villages we visited back in 2014. None of the places were without challenges, but this one has a lot of opportunity and we felt it was the best fit for Bethany. This is where our team will serve in July. 

 Please pray for safe travels home for us. Please also bring to pray now for the team going to Kenya in July. We are excited to begin this relationship with the beautiful people of Nkoisusu. 

 Pastor Tim

 This is Pastor Manuel and his wife Purity. 

January 16, 2018

Hello everyone,

First let me thank you all for your prayers! We have traveled much distance the last several days visiting two remote villages. The roads at times were like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland! We are very thankful for our great driver, James, who handled the roads with much skill and care! Thankfully we were all able to laugh and enjoy seeing different looks of Kenya. 

As I said in my last update, Sunday we visited our second village. Before we went to Nkoisusu, though, we went to church in Naro Sura. Gerry and I both preached in the same church service. Ellie and Chrissy taught the children a Sunday school song that they sang in the service. The service lasted 3 1/2 hours!! We had a great time! Those who have been to Kenya know. Kenyans know how to praise the Lord!! Our spirits were lifted and God was praised! After church, we were blessed to hand out audio bibles to eight people who are illiterate. Now they’ll be able to listen to God’s word whenever they want. What a blessing it was to worship with our brothers and sisters there in Naro Sura!

From church in Naro Sura we went to Nkoisusu. Even though it was a Sunday, it seemed as though the whole community was there to greet us! What a joy it was for me personally to see how much progress they had made since our Bethany trip to Nkoisusu in 2014. Christian brothers and sisters are filling the church that we paid to build, the school has grown and they have built a fence around the school compound to keep the wild animals out. They honored us by killing and roasting a goat for us that we ate for lunch. Mamas, dads and kids all sat and listened as we met with school and community leaders and the pastor to discuss their needs and how we might help. What a blessing it was and what love they showed us! We gave them audio bibles, as well. They were so happy to receive them! And the kids loved the soccer balls we brought them. 

Monday we went to Olemegili. This village was a two-hour drive into the mountains. How different it was from the other villages we have visited. Lush, green hillsides were all around. We were met by some of the school and village leaders and many of the school children. Some of these kids had never seen white people, but all the kids loved the soccer balls. Kids can only attend school here through grade 4, then they have to go to a school further away if the family wants them to continue their education. After a walk to see their watering hole, we met with their leaders to discuss their needs and then handed out audio bibles. We had the privilege of giving their witch doctor one of the bibles! He received it with joy! Pray God's word touches his heart and he comes to faith in Jesus! 

Today we traveled back to Nairobi. We are all tired, but tomorrow we visit the Hope Center in the slums of Kibera. This will be the last community we evaluate before we decide which one Bethany will adopt. Please continue to pray for us, for wisdom and to clearly hear God’s voice as we make our decision. 

We are grateful for all that God has shown us during our time here! We look forward to sharing more stories when we get home! Thank you for your prayers!

Pastor Tim


Pastor Tim


January 17, 2018 

Hello everyone, 

Today we visited Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. It is located in Nairobi. The needs here are so great, but Kenya Hope is bringing the light of Jesus to a dark area of Nairobi. 

Kenya Hope feeds lunch to nearly 40 school kids six days a week. Some kids from the community who are hungry come for food, too, and Kenya Hope feeds them. On Saturdays, they have about 100 kids who attend their Bible Club. 

We got to visit their feeding center during the lunch break today. What a privilege it was to meet the two ladies who prepare the food for all the kids. We then got to meet the children and talk with them as they ate lunch. 

I had the joy of talking with Ann, Naomi and Peninah. All three girls are in class 8 (8th grade). Such bright smiles on their faces and such hope in their voices! I learned about heir families, their favorite subjects in school and how hard they work to succeed in school. Their school day goes from 6:30 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. with four breaks and lunch, then they have an hour of homework each nigh! Saturday is a school day, too. They only go until 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. This is what’s required if they want to get the grades necessary to go on to a good secondary school next year. 

I also learned from the girls that it’s best to be the oldest sibling in a family, because then you get to make rules for your younger siblings. Ann is the youngest of four children in her family. She said that she only gets to make rules for their pets!!  :)

Please pray for the Kibera Hope Center and for the children they minister to. They kids come from very broken families, but they’re giving their lives to Jesus and are hopeful for their futures. 

Please also pray for our team. Thursday we meet as a team and then with our missionaries, Dave and Joy Mueller, to make a decision on which village we’ll adopt. Every community we visited has needs and challenges! Every one of them has beautiful people living there who want our help! We need to hear God’s voice as we make our decision. 

Thank you all for your prayers. We are tired, but we’re excited for what God is doing in Kenya and for what He wants to do through Bethany Church in Kenya. We look forward to seeing you all on Sunday. 

Pastor Tim 


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Awesome to hear and awesome pics!