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Foster the City

Bethany has a long history of serving, loving, and ministering to those in the foster care system in our community. This year we are starting a new ministry called Foster The City, so that as a church we can go deeper in serving both the children in foster care in our community, and the families providing it.

Our county DCFS office has been reaching out to local churches and faith-based communities for help because the crisis is only growing. Our hope is to step up and help in Christ's name by serving and caring for the most vulnerable in our community. Maybe some of you are called to open up your home to a child in crisis through providing foster care. However, for many of us, a more practical step is wrapping love and support around a foster family. Foster the City equips us to do just that. We hope to create teams of support friends that will provide tangible and spiritual support to foster families.

Want to find out more about how Bethany's involved? Join the Foster the City Lunch on October 22 at 12 PM.

Want to speak to someone about how to be involved through Bethany? Email Pastor Dave Darjany at .  

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