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During our services, whether online or outdoors, you'll find music that will lead you to worship and an engaging message that will equip you in understanding God's Word as it applies to our lives. Each week, our pastors will challenge us to respond to the message from God's Word. Sermons and weekly study questions are available here on our website. You can search for sermons by date, by series, by speaker, as well as by topic. 

The Judgement: Scenes From Genesis

A Promise of Hope

April 3, 2022
Genesis 11:10-12:4

The Danger of Pride

March 27, 2022
Genesis 11:1-9

The Table of Nations

March 20, 2022
Genesis 10:1-32

Life After Death

March 13, 2022
Genesis 9:18-29

Disembark Into New Life

February 27, 2022
Genesis 8:13-22

The Flood Subsides

February 20, 2022
Genesis 8:1-12

The Flood

February 13, 2022

Lessons from Noah & The Ark

February 6, 2022
Genesis 6:9-22

The Judgement

January 30, 2022
Genesis 5:1-6:8

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