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Getting to Know Tim Springer

by Tim Springer on January 24, 2021

Pastor Tim Shares His Story

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Immediate family: My wife, Jackie, and I will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary in July this year.  We have a son, Adam, who is married to Kallie, and a daughter, Emily.  

How long at Bethany: I’ve been attending Bethany since my wife and I started dating back in 1981.  At that time, Jackie and her mom had already been attending Bethany for about 16 years.  I’ve been a pastor at the church since 1998, serving mostly in the areas of administration, pastoral care, and missions.  At one time or another, I’ve also been responsible for just about every area of adult ministries that we’ve had, including MOMS and Women’s Ministry for a couple of years.  (What were they thinking???) Jackie’s mom still attends Bethany and my parents have been attending since about 2010. 

Job/hobbies: Currently, I’m the Executive Pastor at Bethany.  Among other things, I supervise our staff and try to help them use the gifts that God has given them to become the best that they can be in their roles.  They are also helping me to become all that God has created me to be.  I work with our staff, elders and deacons to serve and care for our congregation.  I answer a lot of questions and make a lot of decisions, but I’m nothing without the great staff team that we have here at Bethany.  As for hobbies, those who know me know that I love fishing!  I also love jigsaw puzzles, reading, walks with my family and our dog, and LA Kings hockey!!  (Sorry Ducks fans.) 

What to know about me: Music has been a part of my life since I started playing the violin when I was five years old.  In high school, I gave up violin for choirs.  It should come as no surprise, then, that one of my favorite things to do is to worship God!  Even when I’m doing something mundane like doing dishes, I love to put on worship music and center my thoughts on God!  Rend Collective is my favorite worship band.  I love to talk about how God is working through His people around the world.  I also love to go on missions trips in foreign countries to see how God is working around the world.  It is life changing!  Psalm 23 has become a primary source of strength and comfort for me this past year, especially verse 3, which says, “He restores my soul.”  Oh, how I long for and need that restoration every day!  One odd/funny fact about me: In 22+ years as a pastor, I have led or had a part in roughly 107 memorial services, but I’ve only officiated five weddings.

What I love about Bethany: Two things come to mind.  I love the people.  So many life-long friends and people who have celebrated with me and supported me in life’s joys and sorrows.  In addition, I love the opportunities that have always been there to grow in both my knowledge of God and my experience of Him.  For me, Bethany continues to be a place where I can grow as a disciple of Jesus.

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